Sunday, 11 October 2015

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming and ..breathing.

So.. I'm already in my third year degree and I'm kinda irritated when people ask me "Bila habis?" "Habis nanti nak buat apa?". I mean c'mon man, I'm still on the track (I hope so) and it's a long way to go. The other thing, it's hard to explain to some of the people that you're actually now in your extended semester hahah. I'm not even on my final year yet but already extending? Yup, that's how my law school works. If you don't pass your third year or first year, second year papers, you gotta be clean em up first before heading straight to final year. Part of me think, it's good but part of me think otherwise. I mean, who's not enjoying a semester of doing repeating papers hahah. You basically know what to learn but when the time of your finals, you gonna screw things up, erk! Literally that happened last semester when I failed ... a few papers hehe. So let me enjoy this "break" but still, attending classes, doing assignments though (unlike my other friends urghh!).  Just hope that, I will make it to final year, next semester with my bunch of friends! yay! *praying*

On the other note, these happened so far! Went to Terengganu for raya haji for second time, food outing with the sisters, bazaars and gym sessions! Cheers to letting go the past and create better future! *macam company punya motto la pulak kan?*

Not gonna upload any photos because ... I just don't want to, no biggie.

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