Monday, 12 October 2015

A random thought on 4.20 am.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I mean why on earth do I have to procrastinate everything at the very last hour? C'mon, penat kot buat kerja last minute! So what do we write now? Anything that came across my mind. I was reading some other blogs.. some of them survived and some are not.. Semua orang mesti ingat zaman setiap sorang mesti ada satu blog and typical writing macam, eh eh berhabuk blog ni lama tak update. What the heck? Hahahah. Mesti semua orang pun pernah buat including me myself! lol *revert old posts to draft*

Anyway, I was reading some posts from Backpackers Buddies Malaysia (BBM), best gila weh siap ada travel pergi Bangkok sorang-sorang naik train. Dari KL Sentral je kot! Teringat time pergi Ipoh dengan .. Erk! move on! One of the best trips! Serious.

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