Thursday, 29 January 2015

Late night tought

You know you feel a little bit older when you started to think how to pay the bills, what if I will not getting married, what if I have my braces stuck in my stomach and what not. A list of movies you've downloaded won't cure anything.. the only thing that's on your mind is.. what to do what to do with all these future stuffs. Sigh! I wish I was a cat, I can poop if I'm pissed off with my neighbor. Well in that case, there will be plenty of poos already hahahahahaha!

I'm thinking of polishing my arab, I want to speak a fluent arab and maybe teach to kids a few arab letters (Oh God, I love kids ok lie) Well, a few words wouldn't be a problem right? Wahid... Ithnaini ...Selasa ehem I mean Salasa. And, the next language I'd to explore is.. Fghench. I never feeel like learning it ever! But these cool songs from Francoise Hardy had me like uh uh! Comment te ader adieu! Bonjour! Can't wait for my trip to Paris (tetiba!)

Arab, French oh a perfect couple! Adieu!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

You know how I've never foreseen such things to happen. That's my mistake. 
I've learned a lot, and maybe .. this is the biggest lesson. I don't want to leave, never wanted to. As if you ever read this, you have to know, it isn't easy to start new, to start fresh and to keep this pace moving. 
What does it mean when you meant a lot to me but you don't feel the same? 
Does it worth?